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    Introduction Special Issue on Physical Spaces
    (Indiana University, 2019) Morrone, Anastasia S.; School of Education
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    African Head and Neck Society Clinical Practice guidelines for thyroid nodules and cancer in developing countries and limited resource settings
    (Wiley, 2020-08) Zafereo, Mark; Yu, Justin; Onakoya, Paul A.; Aswani, Joyce; Baidoo, Kenneth; Bogale, Mesele; Cairncross, Lydia; Cordes, Susan; Daniel, Adekunle; Diom, Evelyne; Maurice, Mpessa E.; Mohammed, Garba M.; Biadgelign, Melesse G.; Koné, Fatogoma I.; Itiere, Arnaud; Koch, Wayne; Konney, Anna; Kundiona, Innocent; Macharia, Chege; Mashamba, Victor; Moore, Michael G.; Mugabo, Rajab M.; Noah, Patrick; Omutsani, Mary; Orloff, Lisa A.; Otiti, Jeffrey; Randolph, Gregory W.; Sebelik, Merry; Todsen, Tobias; Twier, Khaled; Fagan, Johannes J.; Otolaryngology -- Head and Neck Surgery, School of Medicine
    Background International thyroid nodule and cancer management guidelines generally fail to take into account potential limitations in diagnostic and treatment resources. Methods Thyroid cancer specialists from the African Head and Neck Society and American Head & Neck Society Endocrine Section developed guidelines for diagnosis and management of thyroid nodules and cancer in low resource settings. Recommendations were based on literature review and expert opinion, with level of evidence defined. Results Using the ADAPTE process, diagnostic and treatment algorithms were adapted from the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN). Low resource settings were simulated by systematically removing elements such as availability of laboratory testing, hormone replacement, imaging, and cytopathology from NCCN guidelines. Conclusions Successful management of thyroid nodules and cancer in low resource settings requires adaptation of treatment methodologies. These guidelines define specific scenarios where either more or less aggressive intervention for thyroid pathology may be advisable based on limited available resources.
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    The End of Abundance: Water Infrastructure and the Culture of Cornucopianism
    (2019) Kelly, Jason M.; History, School of Liberal Arts
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    A Mixed-Methods, Community-Based Study To Identify Predictors Of Depression In Latino Adolescents By Gender
    (2019) Bigatti, Silvia M.; Diaz, Virna; Conrad, Katrina K.; Ramirez, Michelle; Weathers, Tess D.; Social and Behavioral Sciences, School of Public Health
    Latino adolescent depressive symptoms are a growing problem, of interest to both the community and academic partner who are reporting the present study. In this mixed-method, community-based participatory research study we quantitatively examined predictors of depression known to impact adolescent mental health that are amenable to interventions. Concurrently, we qualitatively assessed parents’ perceptions of mental health problems in children, their causes and potential solutions. The data from parents (n = 108) was obtained in focus groups led in Spanish, and the data from adolescents (n = 86) was obtained in English language surveys. Among the adolescents there was an even representation of males (47.7%) and females (52.3%), Mage = 15.24 (SD = 1.97). Nearly half (47.7%) of the adolescents were experiencing minor depression and one in ten (10.5%) were experiencing major depression according to their scores on the PHQ-9. Adolescent participants reported low acculturative stress, average social support, and high mastery, as well as highly functional families. Males reported higher self-mastery than females and lower acculturative stress. Predictors of depression differed by gender. For males, self-mastery predicted depressive symptoms; for females acculturative stress predicted depressive symptoms. The focus groups with parents supported and expanded quantitative findings. The parents demonstrated a keen awareness of depression in teens and their own contributions to the problem, including their efforts to maintain their culture of origin which prevents integration of their children into the majority culture. Parents also reported difficulties knowing what steps to take and finding resources. The additional dimension of parental voice is often missing from studies of adolescents, and here it clarified many of the issues identified in the teens. These findings suggest the need to focus on mental health in this population, potentially developing differential interventions by gender and taking a family systems approach.
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    A Multilevel Analysis of Persistence of Students Taking a Pre-Engineering Curriculum in High School
    (2019-12) Sorge, Brandon; Feldhaus, Charles; Technology and Leadership Communication, School of Engineering and Technology
    Using data from the 2010 Indiana, USA public high school graduating class (N=55612), this project employed a multi-level analysis to determine, what if any differences occurred in majoring in science, technology, engineering, and math and freshman to sophomore year persistence, between students attending a school that offers Project Lead the Way and students that don’t, while controlling for being a PLTW student. Results imply that PLTW had a statistically significant impact on the students participating in the program excluding students who were eligible for free and reduced lunch. However, this impact does not appear to carry over to the rest of the student body that does not participate in PLTW.
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    Experiential Learning, Action Research, and Metacognitive Reflection in the Senior Capstone
    (ASEE, 2019-02) Feldhaus, Charles; Buckwalter, John; Wager, Elizabeth; Technology and Leadership Communication, School of Engineering and Technology
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    A Model for Evaluating Fake News
    (Army Cyber Institute, 2019) Sample, Char; Justice, Connie; Darraj, Emily; Computer Information and Graphics Technology, School of Engineering and Technology
    "Fake news” (FN) is slowly being recognized as a security problem that involves multiple academic disciplines; therefore, solving the problem of FN will rely on a cross-discipline approach where behavioral science, linguistics, computer science, mathematics, statistics, and cybersecurity work in concert to rapidly measure and evaluate the level of truth in any article. The proposed model relies on computational linguistics (CL) to identify characteristics between “true news” and FN so that true news content can be quantitatively characterized. Additionally, the pattern spread (PS) of true news differs from FN since FN relies, in part, on bots and trolls to saturate the news space. Finally, provenance will be addressed, not in the traditional way that examines the various sources, but in terms of the historical evaluations of author and publication CL and PS.
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    The Sexual Health Needs of Adolescent Boys Involved in a Pregnancy
    (Elsevier, 2019-01-14) Ott, Mary A.; Wells, Matthew; Imburgia, Teresa M.; Yang, Ziyi; Tu, Wanzhu; Auerswald, Colette L.; Pediatrics, School of Medicine
    Objectives: Little is known about fatherhood in middle adolescence. In order to better understand their sexual health needs, we describe relationship characteristics, perception of masculinity and associated STI risk behaviors in a community-based sample of urban middle adolescent boys who have fathered a child or been involved with a pregnancy. Methods: We employed venue-based sampling to recruit 339 boys (14-17 years old) in neighborhoods with high STI prevalence. We administered a brief survey on sexual, relationship and pregnancy history, STI risk, juvenile justice involvement, and masculinity. Results: Fifteen percent had either fathered a child or been involved with a pregnancy. In multivariate analysis, controlling for age and ethnicity, adolescent fathers were more likely to be involved with juvenile justice and engage in STI risk behaviors. These included condom non-use and partner checking a cell phone. Although of borderline significance, older partners, past STI testing, and drug or alcohol use at last sex improved model fit. Conclusion: Adolescent fathers have distinct relational and sexual health needs. Their specific needs should be targeted by prevention programs. Implications and Contribution: Most research on young men involved in pregnancy is with older adolescents/young adults, and in clinical or institutional settings. Using community engagement and venue-based sampling, this study describes sexual behaviors, masculinity, and relationship characteristics among 14-17 year old boys who have caused a pregnancy. Findings identify their distinct sexual health needs.
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    Teacher Job Satisfaction in High-Performing Systems: A Multi-Level Study of Teacher, Classroom, and School Factors Using TALIS 2013 Surveys
    (2020) Tang, Yipeng; Wang, Ting; Liu, Laura B.; Li, Qiong; IUPUC Division of Education
    Teacher job satisfaction plays a key role in influencing a quality teaching workforce and student success. This article presented an analytical framework comprising teacher, classroom and school factors, and tested it by applying a three-level modeling technique with data drawn from 11 high-performing systems that participated in Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS) 2013. The quantitative results show that: (1) at the teacher level, higher self-efficacy is associated with higher job satisfaction; more effective professional development and collaboration are associated with higher job satisfaction; mid-career teachers tend to be the least satisfied group compared with young and old teachers. (2) at the classroom level, teaching larger classes is associated with lower satisfaction, while teaching classes with higher percentage of low achievers or low socioeconomic students is associated with lower satisfaction; (3) at the school level, student-teacher relationship is significantly positively associated with job satisfaction. The article concludes with implications for policy makers and educators across countries.
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    International and Global Issues
    (Education Law Association, 2019) King-Kostelac, Amelia; Nguyễn, David Hòa Khoa; School of Education