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  • Stucky, Thomas D. (2003-11)
    Recent research has begun to examine the effects of politics on crime. However, few studies have considered how local political variation is likely to affect crime. Using insights from urban politics research, this paper ...
  • Stucky, Thomas D.; Heimer, Karen; Lang, Joseph B. (2005-02)
    The now well-documented explosion in prison populations over the last 30 years has spurred significant attention in the literature. Early research focused primarily on economic explanations. More recently it has focused ...
  • Stucky, Thomas D. (2013-07)
    As a sociologist studying the intersection of crime, punishment, and politics, it is often surprising to me how many aspects of political sociology and the study of crime and punishment overlap, and yet, there is often ...
  • Kaminski, Robert J.; Stucky, Thomas D. (2010-05)
    In response to our reanalysis and extension of Jacobs and Carmichael (2002) in which we found no evidence of a Black mayor effect, Jacobs (this issue) critiques our article on theoretical and methodological grounds. ...
  • Sheff, Zachary T.; Nowak, Callie L.; Maxey, Hannah L.; Norwood, Connor W.; Randolph, Courtney; Kelley, Tracie M. (2015-02)
    Indiana’s registered nurse workforce is comprised of health care providers working in a range of settings and specialties. Information on the supply and distribution of this workforce is critical to Indiana’s health system ...

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