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  • Burket, Noah; Koenig, Jenna; Saratsis, Amanda (2022-07-29)
    Glioblastoma (GBM) is a deadly primary brain cancer that affects 12,000 patients in the US annually with a median survival time of 15 months. Temozolomide is the standard-of-care chemotherapy for GBM; however, many tumors ...
  • Aloi, Joseph; Crum, Kathleen I.; Blair, Karina S.; Zhang, Ru; Bashford-Largo, Johannah; Bajaj, Sahil; Schwartz, Amanda; Carollo, Erin; Hwang, Soonjo; Leiker, Emily; Filbey, Francesca M.; Averbeck, Bruno B.; Dobbertin, Matthew; Blair, R. James R. (Elsevier, 2021-04)
    Two of the most commonly used illegal substances by adolescents are alcohol and cannabis. Alcohol use disorder (AUD) and cannabis use disorder (CUD) are associated with poorer decision-making in adolescents. In adolescents, ...
  • McCracken, Neil A.; Peck Justice, Sarah A.; Wijeratne, Aruna B.; Mosley, Amber L. (American Chemical Society, 2021-04-02)
    The CETSA and Thermal Proteome Profiling (TPP) analytical methods are invaluable for the study of protein–ligand interactions and protein stability in a cellular context. These tools have increasingly been leveraged in ...
  • Dementia 
    Freeman, Kelly J.; Paddock, D. Nicole; Davis, Cristina H. (CRC Press, 2021)
    This chapter identifies critical aspects related to lifestyle and behaviors throughout the lifespan that can best help to prevent and delay the onset of dementia. Within the United States, dementia is projected to affect ...
  • Siddiqui, Shariq; Badertscher, Katherine (Wiley, 2022)

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