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  • Shirey, Carolyn M.; Scott, Jordan L.; Stahelin, Robert V. (Elsevier, 2017-01-01)
    To reduce costs of lipid-binding assays, allow for multiple lipids to be screened for protein binding simultaneously, and to make lipid binding more user friendly, lipids have been dotted onto membranes to investigate ...
  • Bessler, Waylan K.; Hudson, Farlyn Z.; Zhang, Hanfang; Harris, Valerie; Wang, Yusi; Mund, Julie A.; Downing, Brandon; Ingram, David A., Jr; Case, Jamie; Fulton, David J.; Stansfield, Brian K. (Elsevier, 2016-08)
    Neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1) predisposes individuals to early and debilitating cardiovascular disease. Loss of function mutations in the NF1 tumor suppressor gene, which encodes the protein neurofibromin, leads to ...
  • O'Connor, Heather (2015)
    This mixed-method project explores the nature of professional development for fundraising professionals on the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska. The data illustrate a limited awareness of existing resources, preference for in-person ...
  • Ardura-Fabregat, A.; Boddeke, E. W. G. M.; Boza-Serrano, A.; Brioschi, S.; Castro-Gomez, S.; Ceyzériat, K.; Dansokho, C.; Dierkes, T.; Gelders, G.; Heneka, Michael T.; Hoeijmakers, L.; Hoffmann, A.; Iaccarino, L.; Jahnert, S.; Kuhbandner, K.; Landreth, G.; Lonnemann, N.; Löschmann, P. A.; McManus, R. M.; Paulus, A.; Reemst, K.; Sanchez-Caro, J. M.; Tiberi, A.; Perren, A. van der; Vautheny, A.; Venegas, C.; Webers, A.; Weydt, P.; Wijasa, T. S.; Xiang, X.; Yang, Y. (Springer, 2017-12)
    Over the past few decades, research on Alzheimer's disease (AD) has focused on pathomechanisms linked to two of the major pathological hallmarks of extracellular deposition of beta-amyloid peptides and intra-neuronal ...
  • Maile, C.A.; Hingst, J. R.; Mahalingan, K. K.; O'Reilly, A. O.; Cleasby, M. E.; Mickelson, J. R.; McCue, M. E.; Anderson, S. M.; Hurley, T. D.; Wojtaszewski, J. F. P.; Piercy, R. J. (Elsevier, 2017-01)
    BACKGROUND: Equine type 1 polysaccharide storage myopathy (PSSM1) is associated with a missense mutation (R309H) in the glycogen synthase (GYS1) gene, enhanced glycogen synthase (GS) activity and excessive glycogen and ...

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