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  • Cucore, Travis (2018-12-04)
    The EdgeNet platform was conceived of to satisfy graduation requirements and demonstrate a breadth and depth of knowledge capable of working with embedded systems and supporting their integration with larger software ...
  • Minerbo, Claudio; Flynn, Barbara B.; Carla Farias Pereira, Susana; Outlaw, Ryan (Academy of Management, 2018-07-01)
    This research compares differences between customers´ and suppliers´ perceptions of the trustworthiness of their supply chain exchange partners and the implications for performance, applying the organizational behavior and ...
  • Ragozzino, Dan R. (2018-12-04)
    Contained in the following report is a complete and detailed document of the design and implementation for the development of an automated ramen noodle vending machine unit. Covered topics include justification and ...
  • Flynn, Barbara; Pagell, Mark; Fugate, Brian (Wiley, 2018)
    Survey research in supply chain management has been and will continue to be an important methodology in advancing theory and practice. However, supply chain scholars have multiple, divergent views regarding what is acceptable ...
  • Biehle, John (2018-12-06)
    This document will explain the aspects of the Kinderlert system. This document will encompass the specification of the system along with the programming layout. The system hardware will be discussed along with an overview ...

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