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  • Kelly, Jason (Seduction and Celebrity: The Spectacular Life of Emma Hamilton, 2016)
    The life of Emma Hamilton in Naples
  • Unknown author (Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center and IUPUI Office of Community Engagement, 2020-07)
    From its inception, the Full-Service Community Schools project with Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center and five Indianapolis Public Schools of the Near-Westside has focused on the development of an infrastructure framework to ...
  • Lewis, David W. (2021-11-16)
    This is a “How To” guide. This guide will propose four steps a library needs to take if it wants to be open. It will also provide five measures that can be used to judge success.
  • Galvin, Matthew R.; Gaffney, Margaret M. (IU Conscience Project, 2021)
    Since 2001, our Conscience Project meetings have regularly included lively discussions and applications of the conceptual framework of conscience theory - stages, domains and bedrock/intrinsic values – to the ideas we are ...
  • Gramelspacher, Mary Lou; Gaffney, Margaret M.; Galvin, Matthew R. (IU Conscience Project, 2021)
    Aesara of Lucana was an ancient philosopher and forerunner of moral psychology who flourished sometime between three hundred and one hundred Before the Common Era (BCE). Historians of philosophy classify Aesara of Lucania ...

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