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Calculating, Interpreting, And Reporting Cronbach’s Alpha Reliability Coefficient For Likert-Type Scales 173361
Ethical Issues in Human Stem Cell Research 30107
Wikidata: Open Linked Data for Library Publishing 24427
“New shit has come to light”: Information seeking behavior in The Big Lebowski 23988
Using Wikidata to Provide Visibility to Women in STEM 21176
Lithium Ion Battery Failure Detection Using Temperature Difference Between Internal Point and Surface 18402
Generating, Deepening, and Documenting Learning: The Power of Critical Reflection in Applied Learning 16689
The 2.5% Commitment 15122
Defining death: a report on the medical, legal and ethical issues in the determination of death 13954
Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill: An Ethics Case Study in Environmental Engineering 11129