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    Ruth Lilly Medical Library History of Medicine Archives Intern
    (2023-12-08) Thomas-Fennelly, Adam
    Poster presented at the 2023 Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering Capstone Showcase on December 8, 2023.
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    Big Data Curation Framework: Curation Actions and Challenges
    (Sage, 2022) Yoon, Ayoung; Kim, Jihyun; Donaldson, Devan Ray; Library and Information Science, School of Computing and Informatics
    Big data curation represents an emerging topic of inquiry but still in an early phase along its adoption curve. The term big data itself is a nebulous concept, and the differences between small data curation and big data curation are nuanced. The goal of this research is to provide a theoretical framework that identifies big data curation actions and associated curation challenges. This study is based on the practices of big data research and data curation by systematically examining literature. The outcome of the study includes the big data curation framework that provides overview of curation activities and concerns that are essential to perform such activities. The study also provides practical implications for libraries, archives, data repositories and other information organisations that concerns the issue of big data curation as big data presents a multidimensional array of exigencies in relation to the mission of those organisations.
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    Informational Readers, Part 3: Web-based Story Maps in the Arts and Humanities
    (E. L. Kurdyla Publishing, 2021-06) Lamb, Annette; Library and Information Science, School of Computing and Informatics
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    Informational Readers Part 2: Web-based Story Maps in the Social Sciences
    (E. L. Kurdyla Publishing, 2021-02) Lamb, Annette; Library and Information Science, School of Computing and Informatics
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    Informational Readers, Part 1: Web-Based Story Maps in STEM
    (E. L. Kurdyla Publishing, 2021-04) Lamb, Annette; Library and Information Science, School of Computing and Informatics
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    Big data researchers’ perceived value of big data curation
    (2023) Yoon, Ayoung
    This study aims to understand the value of big data curation in a professional context. Researchers' understanding of big data curation is critical to promptly preparing data for future use and curating professionals preparing. The literature analysis suggests that big data researchers acknowledge the value of curation in staying abreast of technology and data quality, but social aspects (e.g., legal and ethical issues) are less recognized.
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    Public Libraries’ service model for Community Open Data Engagement (mCode)
    (2022) Yoon, Ayoung; Copeland, Andrea
    While there has been a growing interest in open data utilization in community context, previous research pointed out that individuals’ participation in open data is low due to the various difficulties and lack of support. Public libraries are an essential role in citizen’s engagement with open data but they need resources and professional networks to guide them to initiate, organize, explain, and promote data services to their communities. Addressing this gap, this research aims to create a research-driven theoretical model for public libraries' open data engagement, named mCODE (the model for Community Open Data Engagement). The mCODE is unique in that it emphasizes the local context and community engagement, reflecting public libraries' strong position to address the place-based needs of their communities.
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    Synchronous Ideation Workshop with Rural Library Professionals to Envision Future Makerspaces
    (Wiley, 2021) Kim, Soo Hyeon; Library and Information Science, School of Computing and Informatics
    Ideation can support the development of educational programs and services at public libraries. Prior studies on ideation workshops focus on face-to-face settings; less is known about synchronous ideation workshops with library professionals with limited design experience. This paper reports on the results of a reflective case study of an online ideation workshop with three rural library professionals to envision future makerspaces. Preliminary findings suggest design considerations for a synchronous ideation workshop around librarian experience, design space, and technology.
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    The Purpose of Creation and Beyond
    (Midwest Archives Conference, 2023-04-14) Sim, Rina; Hijazi, Raneem; Harris, Lauren M.
    The 2005 article “More Product, Less Process” (MPLP) by Mark A. Greene and Dennis Meissner proposes streamlining processing to provide more access and reduce back logs. However, we question whether MPLP can provide more access if it has less information. Once the collections are minimally processed, finding aids are unlikely to be reviewed again. If an archives adopts MPLP minimalist processing, it is necessary to have at least one archivist who is dedicated to “digging deeper” into their collections. Archivists cannot anticipate all users’ needs; however, archivists should provide diverse views and descriptions of their collections. US archives may inadvertently limit access to marginalized community archives through minimal processing, limiting the dissemination researchers require to study political and social issues. By labeling some cultural material “ephemera” and limiting the collection and description of these items, archives discourage the study of “lowbrow” art and literature. While MPLP promised that there would be "more product" if we focused less time on processing collections, in-depth processing is vital when describing underrepresented communities and cultures and is necessary for their ultimate use. MPLP, therefore, does archival users disservice by limiting understanding of cultural heritage for the speed of access, rather than ensuring the information we share is accurate and comprehensive. We will share user requests from our collections that the processing did not anticipate and experiences from the Korea Comic Museum with views from future African American and Palestinian archivists. Also, we will explore methods to describe archival materials for creative research uses.
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    The Seuss Six and Collection Maintenance
    (2021) Lamb, Annette; Library and Information Science, School of Computing and Informatics