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  • Osili, Una; Ackerman, Jacqueline; Li, Yannan (2014-12)
    This study investigates the impact of economic factors on the number of charitable gifts of one million dollars or more within the United States using the Million Dollar List dataset. We investigate key donor groups: ...
  • Osili, Una; Kou, Xiaonan (Coco); Qi, Min; Tang, Shichao; Li, Yannan; Walz, Michael; Thayer, Amy; Baranowski, Grace; Hyatte, Cynthia; Davis Kalugyer, Adriene (2015-04-09)
    The report examines the patterns of charitable giving by households and corporations in the region for 2013 and the characteristics of grantmaking by foundations in the same region for 2012 (the latest year with available ...
  • Osili, Una; Ackerman, Jacqueline; Bergdoll, Jonathan; Garcia, Silvia; Li, Yannan; Kane, Addison; Roll, Abe (2016-09-14)
    Giving in Puerto Rico is the first study of its kind to examine the charitable giving patterns, priorities, and attitudes of Puerto Rican households. This report presents details on the Puerto Rican households that give ...

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