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  • Nudelman, Kelly N. H.; Risacher, Shannon L.; West, John D.; McDonald, Brenna C.; Gao, Sujuan; Saykin, Andrew J. (2014-10)
    Epidemiological studies show a reciprocal inverse association between cancer and Alzheimer's disease (AD). The common mechanistic theory for this effect posits that cells have an innate tendency toward apoptotic or survival ...
  • Ramanan, Vijay K.; Risacher, Shannon L.; Nho, Kwangsik; Kim, Sungeun; Shen, Li; McDonald, Brenna C.; Yoder, Karmen K.; Hutchins, Gary D.; West, John D.; Tallman, Eileen F.; Gao, Sujuan; Foroud, Tatiana M.; Farlow, Martin R.; De Jager, Philip L.; Bennett, David A.; Aisen, Paul S.; Petersen, Ronald C.; Jack, Clifford R.; Toga, Arthur W.; Green, Robert C.; Jagust, William J.; Weiner, Michael W.; Saykin, Andrew J. (Oxford UP, 2015-10)
    In a genome-wide study, Ramanan et al. discover an association between the microglial activation gene IL1RAP and higher rates of amyloid plaque accumulation as measured by PET in prodromal Alzheimer’s disease. Activated ...
  • Lai, Dongbing; Xu, Huiping; Katz, Barry; Koller, Daniel; Foroud, Tatiana; Gao, Sujuan (Taylor & Francis, 2016)
    Dementia patients exhibit considerable heterogeneity in individual trajectories of cognitive decline, with some patients showing rapid decline following diagnoses while others exhibiting slower decline or remaining stable ...

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