What is IUPUI ScholarWorks?

IUPUI ScholarWorks is one way in which IUPUI is addressing research communities' need for new outlets in scholarly communication. It is an institutional digital repository which employs the DSpace open source software (freeware) created by MIT and Hewlett Packard in 2000. IUPUI is in good company as Cambridge University, Columbia University, Cornell University, University of Washington, Edinburgh University and many more have also selected DSpace as a means for establishing an institution's digital repository.

IUPUI ScholarWorks embodies four essential elements

  1. Institutionally Defined: IUPUI ScholarWorks reflects the work of the IUPUI community as opposed to one subject area as other digital repositories have done.
  2. Scholarly: IUPUI ScholarWorks contains material which of scholarly quality or of value for academic research.
  3. Cumulative and Perpetual: IUPUI ScholarWorks is structured to preserve an individual's, a community’s, a university’s research from the formal conceptualization of an idea to the final publication of the research and analysis created by that idea.
  4. Open and Interoperable: IUPUI ScholarWorks's creation and management is rooted in standards. These standards allow the records (or metadata) associated with each item in the repository to be easily shared. Standards also ensure that any necessary migration, which inevitably comes about as technology changes, will occur smoothly.

The Communities of Scholarship

IUPUI ScholarWorks is structured in a way that groups on campus contributing to the archive will be able to control the essential elements of their community of scholarship. Each community of scholarship determines who may contribute to its collection or community, each community decides how it would like works described, indexed, or cataloged, and each community establishes who may access the works housed in its community of scholarship.

The Library

The technical aspects of maintaining the repository's infrastructure and ensuring submitted items are digitally preserved are handled by the experts at the IUPUI University Library’s Center for Digital Scholarship. The Center also provides support to campus groups and individuals as they begin establishing communities of scholarship within IUPUI ScholarWorks. Information technologist will assist with setting up the structure of the community. Metadata professionals can guide communities in creating quality records for their scholarly works. Subject experts will be available for communities seeking in-depth subject-based knowledge.

IUPUI ScholarWorks's Benefits*

  • Getting your research results out quickly, to a worldwide audience
  • Providing free access to peer reviewed journal articles and other scholarly works (within the limits of current copyright policies)
  • Reaching a worldwide audience through exposure to search engines such as Google and Google Scholar
  • Storing reusable teaching materials that you can use with course management systems
  • Archiving and distributing material you would currently put on your personal website
  • Storing examples of students' projects (with the students' permission)
  • Showcasing students' theses (again with permission)
  • Keeping track of your own publications/bibliography
  • Having a persistent network identifier (a stable hyperlink) for your work
  • No more page charges for images. You can point to your images' persistent identifiers in your published articles

*Adapted from Introduction to DSpace for Faculty.