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  • Lin, Wei-Shao; Eckert, Steven E. (Wiley, 2018-10)
    Objectives The aim of this review was to determine the clinical performance of dental implants that are intentionally tilted when compared with implants that are placed following the long axis of the residual alveolar ...
  • Morton, Dean; Gallucci, German; Lin, Wei-Shao; Pjetursson, Bjarni; Polido, Waldemar; Roehling, Stefan; Sailer, Irena; Aghaloo, Tara; Albera, Hugo; Bohner, Lauren; Braut, Vedrana; Buser, Daniel; Chen, Stephen; Dawson, Anthony; Eckert, Steven; Gahlert, Michael; Hamilton, Adam; Jaffin, Robert; Jarry, Christian; Karayazgan, Banu; Laine, Juhani; Martin, William; Rahman, Lira; Schlegel, Andreas; Shiota, Makato; Stilwell, Charlotte; Vorster, Christiaan; Zembic, Anja; Zhou, Wenjie (Wiley, 2018-10)
    Objectives Working Group 2 was convened to address topics relevant to prosthodontics and dental implants. Systematic reviews were developed according to focused questions addressing (a) the number of implants required to ...
  • Ballard, Erin; Metz, Michael J.; Harris, Bryan T.; Metz, Cynthia J.; Chou, Jang-Ching; Morton, Dean; Lin, Wei-Shao (ADEA, 2017-05)
    The aims of this study were to evaluate dental students’ clinical shade-matching outcomes (from subjective use of shade guide) with an objective electronic shade-matching tool (spectrophotometer); to assess patients’, ...

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