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  • Ackermann, Ronald; Hardwick, Emily; Comer, Karen; Hudson, Brenda; Odell, Jere D.; Arenson, Andrew; Barnett, Bill; McGuire, Patrick; Derr, Michelle; Reid, Tisha; Vandergraff, Donna; Marrero, David G. (2011-08-31)
    This poster describes the development an accessible, user-driven, and sustainable web resource for community and academic experts working together to identify, adopt, and implement a wide array of community engaged research ...
  • Bute, Jennifer J.; Comer, Karen; Lauten, Kathryn M.; Sanematsu, Helen; Moore, Courtney M.; Lynch, Dustin; Chumbler, Neale R. (2014-10)
    Teenage pregnancy and childbearing remain pressing public health issues that have garnered attention from public health officials and social services agencies. This paper reports on the initial implementation and formative ...

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