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  • Wang, Zheng-Yu; Burlak, Christopher; Estrada, Jose L.; Li, Ping; Tector, Matthew F.; Tector, A. Joseph (Wiley, 2014-07)
    Background Pig erythrocytes are potentially useful to solve the worldwide shortage of human blood for transfusion. Domestic pig erythrocytes, however, express antigens that are bound by human preformed antibodies. ...
  • Burlak, Christopher; Bern, Marshall; Brito, Alejandro E.; Isailovic, Dragan; Wang, Zheng-Yu; Estrada, Jose L.; Li, Ping; Tector, A. Joseph (Wiley Online Library, 2015-10)
    BACKGROUND: The temporary or long-term xenotransplantation of pig organs into people would save thousands of lives each year if not for the robust human antibody response to pig carbohydrates. Genetically engineered ...
  • Paris, Leela L.; Estrada, Jose L.; Li, Ping; Blankenship, Ross L.; Sidner, Richard A.; Reyes, Luz M.; Montgomery, Jessica B.; Burlak, Christopher; Butler, James R.; Downey, Susan M.; Wang, Zheng-Yu; Tector, Matthew; Tector, A. Joseph (Wiley, 2015-05)
    BACKGROUND: The lethal thrombocytopenia that accompanies liver xenotransplantation is a barrier to clinical application. Human platelets are bound by the asialoglycoprotein receptor (ASGR) on pig sinusoidal endothelial ...
  • Ladowski, Joseph M.; Reyes, Luz M.; Martens, Gregory R.; Butler, James R.; Wang, Zheng-Yu; Eckhoff, Devin E.; Tector, Matt; Tector, A. Joseph (Wolters Kluwer, 2018-02)
    BACKGROUND: Over 130 000 patients in the United States alone need a lifesaving organ transplant. Genetically modified porcine organs could resolve the donor organ shortage, but human xenoreactive antibodies destroy pig ...

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