Carolyn Gentle-Genitty


Translating Student Engagement Research into Assessment Data Through Collaboration: A University, Youth and Housing Agency, and Community Partnership

After conducting research on youth antisocial behavior and studying middle school truancy through the lens of the social control theory, a Perception of School Social Bonding instrument was developed and is being tested. The result has been a new project titled "Student Success." The project endeavors to assess schools' opportunities to increase students' bond to their school. For this project "school bond" is defined as students' perception of schools options for them to be attached, committed, involved, and believe in the value of school. In addition to assessment of their perceptions, students' attendance rates will be examined where available. The project will be with schools throughout the US who have agreed to have their school assessed. The goals of the project are 1) to evaluate students' perceptions of their schools using the Gentle-Genitty Perception of School Social Bonding Scale (PSSB); 2) ascertain challenges students face in the school environment as evidenced through their levels of attachment, commitment, involvement, and belief; 3) assess whether student perceptions and challenges impede or influence their attendance rates; 4) assess whether students' bond perceptions and attendance rates impede student success; 5) assist in drafting strategies to increase student attendance rates and thereby reducing evidence of truancy as well as market the instrument used to assess. The research question is "What school environmental factors can improve student success through the assessment of student attendance rates and perceptions of social bonding opportunities?"

Dr. Gentle-Genitty's work to apply research on students' connection to their schools and the impact that has on student success is another example of how IUPUI's faculty members are TRANSLATING their RESEARCH INTO PRACTICE.

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