Earth Sciences Department Theses and Dissertations

Earth Sciences Department Theses and Dissertations


About the Program

The IUPUI graduate program in Geology leads to a Master of Science degree from Indiana University. Our terminal degree at the IUPUI campus is the Master of Science. As a result, our faculty are able to focus their attention on our Masters program student research. We offer a thesis and non-thesis option; however, typically only thesis-option students are considered for funding. Our thesis option requires 24 credit hours of graduate level courses and 6 credit hours of a research thesis. We have between 8-12 full-time graduate students per year.

Interested students should contact us prior to applying. If applicable, an appointment/visit can be set up for you to see our facilities and meet a few of our faculty. Students can apply with an interest in a specific faculty member or a group of faculty members. Admission decisions are decided by our graduate committee and not individual faculty members. Once you enter the program, you will take a majority of your courses in your first year. Also, you will choose your research advisor and submit your thesis (research) proposal. Your second year (including the summer) is focused on completing your research project and writing your thesis while finishing your course work.

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