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  • Kimaiyo, S. N. (Association of Kenya Physicians, 2007)
    AMPATH HIV Care: Now caring for over 48 004 active patients (40 500 Adults and 7,504children) as of 31stMay 2007 with 2,905 new patients in April. 21,397 patients are on ARVs and 583 on TpMTCT
  • Akhwale, Willis S. (Association of Kenya Physicians, 2007)
    Objectives of the national Antimalarial treatment policy: •Enable population at risk access safe, good quality, effective, affordable & acceptable antimalarial drugs •Ensure rapid and long lasting clinical ...
  • Ngunga, Mzee (Association of Kenya Physicians, 2007)
    AML is characterized by an increase in the number of myeloid cells in the marrow and an arrest in their maturation.
  • Mwase, Isaac M. T. (IU Center for Bioethics, 2013-04-18)
  • Gbadegesin, Segun (IU Center for Bioethics, 2013-04-17)
  • Gbadegesin, Segun (IU Center for Bioethics, 2013-04-17)
  • Juma, Elizabeth (Association of Kenya Physicians, 2007)
    Malaria in pregnancy is a big cause of maternal and perinatal morbidity and mortality There are gaps in knowledge concerning, the development of immunity to malaria, P. vivax infections in pregnancy, and effective therapies ...
  • Okanga, J. B.; Yossa, G. P. (Association of Kenya Physicians, 2007)
    Shoulder pain, a common musculoskeletal symptom, aetiologically is related to periarticular lesions mainly subacronial impingment (SAI) (90% adults). Articular lesions e.g. Synovvitis adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder) ...
  • Ganda, B. K. (Association of Kenya Physicians, 2007)
    History I –Theatre: • Eldoret Dist Hosp built in 1926 • 1926-1999. One operation table • 2000-Majaliwa Theatre 4 tables; intensive care room as ICU Indiana Community • 2007-2 More operation tables. Indiana Comm.
  • Busakhala, N. (Association of Kenya Physicians, 2007)
    HIV associated Kaposi’s sarcoma is a malignant, multifocal systemic disease that originates from the vascular endothelium. In contrast to the classical KS found in older men, in whom the tumors usually occur on the lower ...
  • Busakhala, N. W. (Association of Kenya Physicians, 2007)
    Two types of tumour lysis syndrome (TLS) ; 1. Laboratory TLS: 25% increase in potassium, phosphate and uric acid, or decline in calcium from baseline. Occur within 4 days of initiating chemotherapy. Patients on standard ...
  • Shah, Siddharth (Association of Kenya Physicians, 2007)
    O.H.A. are the most common form of treatment of Type2 D.M. worldwide. When used judiciously they are important agents in the management of the most common form of diabetes. For economic, logistic and general effectiveness, ...
  • Association of Kenya Physicians Scientific Conference (11th : Mar. 2007 : Eldoret, Kenya) (Association of Kenya Physicians, 2007)
    Patient with Musculo-skeletal Complaints -Summary 1.Soft Tissue Rheumatism or Arthritis 2.Arthritis –Monoarticular-Crystals, Gout-Infective –acute –G+ve –ve-Chronic –Koch'sPolyarticular-:-(Asymmetrical)SSA -Reiter's, ...
  • Indiana University-Moi University Academic Research Ethics Partnership (IU Center for Bioethics, 2009-04-21)
  • Okelo, G. B. A.; Otieno, L. S. (Association of Kenya Physicians, 2007)
    Many developing countries, including Kenya, face many challenges in health care some of which are outlined below: 1.1Relatively High fertility Rates 1.2 High mortality from preventable diseases 1.3Changing life style such ...
  • Nyikal, James (Association of Kenya Physicians, 2007)
    Challenges to the health sector: Finance and financial flows. Rapid growth of infrastructure. Human resource. Emerging diseases. Coordination. Legal framework. Poverty. Challenges to the physician: Health reforms. Leadership ...
  • Abwao, H. O.; Kiarie, G.W.; Othieno-Abinya, N. A. (Association of Kenya Physicians, 2007)
    Inferior outcome of poor prognostic phenotype non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma treatment among HIV positive patients compared with HIV negative counterparts in the HAART era.
  • Kamaara, Eunice K (IU Center for Bioethics, 2009-04-20)
  • Odell, Jere D. (IU Center for Bioethics, 2011-04-13)
  • Aluoch, J. A. (Association of Kenya Physicians, 2007)

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