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  • Konrath, Sara; Handy, Femida (Sage, 2017)
    In this article, we develop and validate a comprehensive self-report scale of why people make charitable donations, relying on a theoretical model of private versus public benefits to donors. In Study 1, we administered ...
  • Konrath, Sara H.; Tian, Yuan (2017)
    There are many motivations for prosocial behavior, some more altruistic and some more egoistic. We posit that more narcissistic people may perform prosocial acts strategically, for example, to improve their reputations or ...
  • Shaker, Genevieve G.; Christensen, Robert K.; Bergdoll, Jonathan (Wiley, 2017)
    Many US employees are regularly asked to give charitable donations through work. The techniques used to solicit workplace donations vary. Drawing on a nationally representative survey, the study used a sample of donor ...

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