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  • Mesch, Debra; Wilhelm, Mark Ottoni; Osili, Una; Bergdoll, Jonathan; Han, Xiao; Pactor, Andrea; Ackerman, Jacqueline (2018-03-13)
    Women Give 2018 asks how parents transmit generosity to their children and whether this differs for sons and daughters. The study first explores the linkage between whether parents give to charitable organizations and ...
  • Mesch, Debra; Osili, Una; Ackerman, Jacqueline; Bergdoll, Jonathan; Williams-Pulfer, Kim; Pactor, Andrea; Thayer, Amy (2019-03-19)
    In Women Give 2019: Gender and Giving Across Communities of Color, the Women’s Philanthropy Institute seeks to understand how generosity links women across racial lines. While some research has examined race and charitable ...

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