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  • Osili, Una Okonkwo; Xie, Jia (2009)
    Are immigrants a burden on host societies, because they receive benefits from, but do not contribute to, the provision of public goods and services? Questions like these have shaped public debate on immigration policy in ...
  • Okten, Cagla; Osili, Una Okonkwo (2004)
    Recent studies suggest that greater community heterogeneity will lead to lower provision of local public goods and less support for governmental income distribution programs towards the needy (Luttmer 2001). Our study ...
  • Osili, Una Okonkwo; Du, Dan (2005)
    Will immigration impact economic progress and social cohesion in host countries? One indicator that can shed new light on the complex process of immigrant assimilation is charitable giving. Charitable giving and other ...

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