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  • Osili, Una; Kou, Xiaonan; Bergdoll, Jonathan; St. Claire, Mallory; Yang, Le (2016-09-21)
    Charitable bequests and other planned gifts have historically played a significant role in the funding of higher education institutions. Prominent institutions such as Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, and the ...
  • Osili, Una; Kou, Xiaonan (2013-10)
    Companies increasingly expand their philanthropic initiatives globally, opening many questions for practitioners and researchers. How do companies donate across borders? What factors influence their philanthropic ...
  • Kou, Xiaonan; Han, Hao; Frederick, Heidi; Hirt, Deborah E. (2009-11)
    This study explores gender differences in the inclusion of a charitable provision in one’s will. We found that overall among representative samples of households polled in different regions of the U.S., gender is not a ...
  • Bivin, David; Osili, Una; Pruitt, Anna; Bergdoll, Jonathan; Skidmore, Tessa; Zarins, Sasha; Kou, Xiaonan (2018-02-13)
    With the strong finish of the stock market and passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act at the end of 2017, 2018 is shaping up to be an unusual year, and we can expect major changes in the landscape of charitable giving. These ...

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