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  • Rooney, Patrick; Osili, Una; Thayer, Amy; Baranowski, Grace; Hayat, Amir; Davis Kalugyer, Adriene; Hyatte, Cynthia (2014-10)
    This study reveals consistent trends in the giving and volunteering behaviors of high net worth individuals and households from previous years, as well as departures from past trends. Nearly all (98.4 percent) high net ...
  • Osili, Una; Kou, Xiaonan (Coco); Qi, Min; Tang, Shichao; Li, Yannan; Walz, Michael; Thayer, Amy; Baranowski, Grace; Hyatte, Cynthia; Davis Kalugyer, Adriene (2015-04-09)
    The report examines the patterns of charitable giving by households and corporations in the region for 2013 and the characteristics of grantmaking by foundations in the same region for 2012 (the latest year with available ...
  • Rooney, Patrick; Osili, Una; Bhakta, Reema; Raghavan, Sindhu; Davis Kalugyer, Adriene; Hyatte, Cynthia (2011-10)
    As the United States addresses economic challenges following a deep recession, both President Obama and Congress are considering new tax policies to stimulate economic growth and reduce the federal government’s budget ...

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