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  • Brown, Melissa; Harris, Joseph Claude; Rooney, Patrick (2004-11)
    Since religious organizations have long been the single largest type of recipient of American giving, the authors undertook in 2003 to examine the Giving USA estimating procedure for giving to religion and compare Giving ...
  • Ottoni-Wilhelm, Mark; Steinberg, Richard (2004)
    In this article, the authors advance the literature on whether apparent differences in the giving and volunteering of black versus white, or Hispanic versus other families, are real. They employ new data, COPPS, that help ...
  • Rooney, Patrick (2007-12-18)
    Religious giving has grown every year in both nominal and inflation-adjusted dollars since it has been tracked by Giving USA in 1955. Even during recessions, religious giving has grown, but it has grown relatively slowly ...
  • Lake Institute on Faith & Giving (2008-11-20)
    We have had numerous inquiries as to the implications of the current financial crisis on religious giving and subsequent budget planning for congregations and faith-based institutions. While we have no crystal ball to ...

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