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  • Mesch, Debra; Rooney, Patrick; Steinberg, Kathryn; Denton, Brian (2006-12)
    The purpose of this study is to examine the effects of race, gender, and marital status on giving and volunteering behavior. A second purpose is to examine these effects across different survey methodologies. Using data ...
  • Rooney, Patrick; Mesch, Debra; Chin, William; Steinberg, Kathryn (2003-05-16)
    This study examines the effects of race and gender on philanthropy and interaction effects between race or gender and survey methodologies. Results indicate differences in philanthropic behaviors by gender but not by race. ...
  • Ottoni-Wilhelm, Mark; Steinberg, Richard (2004)
    In this article, the authors advance the literature on whether apparent differences in the giving and volunteering of black versus white, or Hispanic versus other families, are real. They employ new data, COPPS, that help ...

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