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  • Yang, Jack Y.; Dunker, A. Keith; Liu, Jun S.; Qin, Xiang; Arabnia, Hamid R.; Yang, William; Niemierko, Andrzej; Chen, Zhongxue; Luo, Zuojie; Wang, Liangjiang; Liu, Yunlong; Xu, Dong; Deng, Youping; Tong, Weida; Yang, Mary Qu (Springer (Biomed Central Ltd.), 2014)
    Advances of high-throughput technologies have rapidly produced more and more data from DNAs and RNAs to proteins, especially large volumes of genome-scale data. However, connection of the genomic information to cellular ...
  • Schweitzer, Kelly S.; Chen, Steven X.; Law, Sarah; Van Demark, Mary; Poirier, Christophe; Justice, Matthew J.; Hubbard, Walter C.; Kim, Elena S.; Lai, Xianyin; Wang, Mu; Kranz, William D.; Carroll, Clinton J.; Ray, Bruce D.; Bittman, Robert; Goodpaster, John; Petrache, Irina (American Physiological Society, 2015-07-15)
    The increased use of inhaled nicotine via e-cigarettes has unknown risks to lung health. Having previously shown that cigarette smoke (CS) extract disrupts the lung microvasculature barrier function by endothelial cell ...
  • Fieni, Francesca; Johnson, Derrick E.; Hudmon, Andy; Kirichok, Yuriy (Nature Publishing Group, 2014-09-25)
    The influx of cytosolic Ca2+ into mitochondria is mediated primarily by the mitochondrial calcium uniporter (MCU), a small-conductance, Ca2+-selective channel-. MCU modulates intracellular Ca2+ transients and regulates ATP ...

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