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  • Towers, George; McCoy, Richard (IUPUI, 2020-04-16)
    Columbus, Indiana is known for its modern architecture and for fostering a vibrant spirit of community. This summer, Columbus Conversations, a new series of local public forums, provided an opportunity for residents to ...
  • Desmond, Scott A. (MDPI, 2019)
    There is very little research on the relationship between adolescent religiosity and concealing information from parents, although research on religiosity and family life is plentiful. Therefore, I used the second wave of ...
  • Morris, Pamela L.; Sarapin, Susan (University of Rhode Island, 2020)
    Many university instructors (76% of our survey) have a mobile phone policy in their classrooms, due to the distractions of unregulated use. Yet only about half of those who ask students to put down their phones report that ...
  • Towers, George W.; Poulsen, Joan R.; Carr, Darrin L.; Zoeller, Aimee N. (Working-Class Studies Association, 2020)
    Faculty mentoring across gender, race, and culture is facilitated by formal mentoring programs. Mentoring across the cultural differences associated with social class, however, represents a largely unaddressed gap in the ...
  • Morris, Pamela L.; Sarapin, Susan H. (Taylor & Francis, 2018)
    Freedom of expression, provided by the First Amendment, is a core part of the foundation of our democracy. Yet those who use public places for artistic expression, such as music, are still fighting to benefit from this ...
  • Tracy, L. Paul; Mangus, Sharon; Hinton, Natalie; Rilenge, Sandy; Turnbow, Dana; Watkins, Shaun; Whetstine, Brad; Sexton, Debbie; Rain, Isis; Phillips, Jennifer; Mathes, Stephanie; Hargis, Melanie; Willett, Delores; Verbeke, Joshua (IUPUC, 2001)
  • Norris, Amanda; Clark, Alexandra; Green, Steve; Persley, Keith; Garcia, Joe; Whetstine, Brad; Booher, Eileen; Watkins, Shaun; Willhite, Jenn; Kenanas, Walter (IUPUC, 2002)
  • Smith, Lori; Wills, Will; Bunnell, Adam; Phillips, Jennifer; Whetstine, Brad; Schoettmer, Jessica; Kraszeski, Marlene; Garlick, Ben; Clason, Justin (IUPUC, 2003)