Geography Lesson Plans, GENI


The following are geography related lesson plans created by professional teachers. While each lesson plan was developed in connection with a particular grade level's standards in mind, most are adaptable to any grade level.

Recent Submissions

  • Geography Educators' Network of Indiana (, 1995)
  • Geography Educators' Network of Indiana (, 1997-04)
  • Grimes Cooper, Karen (, 2004-10-27)
    To introduce students to the use of GIS via census data.
  • Ruble, Ernest L. (, 1997-07-13)
    The purpose of this unit is to heighten student awareness as to the role sports, with a particular focus on soccer’s World Cup, has on world cultures using the tools of History and Geography to explain the impact.
  • NGS Geography Education Program (, 1987)
    To define the geographic theme "movement." To understand the definition of "system." To identify and locate examples of systems on a world map. To understand ...
  • Hume, Cheri (, 2007-07)
    This is a two week unit plan for the purpose of introducing students to world population characteristics and distribution.
  • Fultz, Brian (, 2000-06-30)
    The purpose of this activity is to provide students with an interactive opportunity to learn more about geography and to enhance their ability to use resource materials.
  • Fox, George Michael (, 2001)
    To introduce GIS resources to students.
  • Clark-Bennett, Carolyn (, 1996)
    To effectively administer age appropriate Geography and Social Studies standards into classroom curriculum.
  • Geyer, Dave (, 2002)
    To increase student awareness of the need for and the problems of wilderness areas which are located close to urban centers.
  • Martin, Melissa S. (, 2012)
    To familarize the students with various landmarks and other points of interst around the United States through postcards.
  • Zervos, Anna (, 2001-07-24)
    To develop a deeper understanding of the role that Indiana played in the underground railroad while exploring Indiana Geography.
  • Riggins, Mark (, 2007-06-28)
    Unit 1 Hiroshima and Nagasaki: 60 Years Later Purpose: To have students revisit the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki over fifty later and to show how the affects of the bombings are still impacting lives and ...
  • Korty, Kay (, 2001-07-24)
    Background information, research data, continuing to learn the history of Indiana, promotion of higher order thinking skills, skills development with mapping, time lines, and Venn diagrams.
  • Bellah, Lucinda (, 1994)
    This lesson is designed to show students what happens when a city’s population grows too rapidly for the city to accomodate it. Students will look at and discuss examples of cities gworing rapidly today, what problems ocur ...
  • Curry, Linda (, 2001-07-24)
    The purpose is to allow students to connect historical knowledge (Underground Railroad) to migration issues facing America today.
  • Thomas, Rosemary (, 2001-07-24)
    To realize the significance in the Negro spirituals concerning the Underground Railroad To realize the cultural, geographical, historical, physical, and Psychological aspects involved in the Underground Railroad
  • Markley, Kim (, 2001-07-24)
  • Mieras, Barb (, 2012)
    The purpose of this activity is to explore the way water moves through a porous, soluble substance and to observe the development of pits and channels as the substance dissolves in water.
  • Ensley, Eve (, 2001-07-24)
    To peak children’s interest about the Underground Railroad To address misconceptions about the Underground Railroad To use children’s literature to learn about the signs of the Underground Railroad

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