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  • Lewis, David W. (American Library Association, 1986-07)
    The organizational structures of academic libraries are conisdered in light of the work of a number of organizational theorists, and related work by librarians is reviewed. An organizational paradigm for effective academic ...
  • Frackental, Shad; Lewis, David W.; Bevilacqua, Ann F. (Library Journal, 1986-09-01)
    Author evaluates how job seekers should assess the instituitons to which they have applied for positions.
  • Stanley, Mary J. (CIALSA, 1987-02)
    The author describes how one can change behavioral patterns through the theory of self-management principle set by Fred Luthan. She uses her own habit of procrastination of undesirable tasks as an example.
  • Stanley, Mary J. (Indiana Libraries, 1988)
    Effective library use by students is one goal of most bibliographic instruction librarians. The content of bibliographic instruction varies between institutions and more importantly, between groups within the same ...
  • Lewis, David W. (1988)
    The article describes a model which attempts to explain how the cost/value of a users time and the uncertainty of the result effects the decisions users make about whether to use a library or a book store.
  • Lewis, David W. (American Library Association, 1988-07)
    Higher education is confronting a fundamental change. The transition from print on paper to digital and electronic technolgies is transforming instruction, scholarly communication, and the storage and preservation of ...
  • Lewis, David W. (American Library Association, 1989-11)
    This paper considers the economic nature of the scholarly journal from a theoretical perspective and concludes that it is what economists call a natural monopoly. Natural monopolies exist when the average price of the good ...
  • Lewis, David W. (American Library Association, 1989-11)
    Recent discussion of reference service in academic libraries has considered alternative approaches to service and has called on academic reference librarians to play new roles. Absent from most of the discussion is an ...
  • Lewis, David W. (Library Journal, 1991-09-01)
    The article considers how a middle manager should confront difficult economic times.
  • Gonzalez, Edward L. F.; Seaton, Helen J. (Database is the property of Information Today, 1995-06)
    Lists and describes available Internet resources for nursing and allied health professionals. Procedure for subscribing and unsubscribing from the discussion lists; Newsgroups available for nurses; Accessing to gopher servers.
  • Lewis, David W.; Schmidt, Steven J. (ERIC, 1996-02-27)
    This paper describes the creation of a new library facility for Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis, one designed ready to accommodate an infrastructure that would support the new technologies of the ...
  • Lewis, David W. (1997)
    The paper proposes six reasons why the cost of scholarly communication will fall as the internet become the primary distribution channel.
  • Lewis, David W. (ACRL, 1997)
    Academic libraries and, more important, all of higher education have been in the midst of a fundamental transformation over the past decade. Changes in information technology, requirements for increased accountability from ...
  • Minick, Mary Beth; Stanley, Mary J. (inula notes (Indiana University Librarians Association), 1997-04)
    A brief report of one academic library's move from a hierarchical organization to a team-based environment and the progress during the first year.
  • Folaron, Gail; Stanley, Mary J. (Haworth Press, 1998)
    Junior level social work students were found to have a limited understanding of, and familiarity with, library technology. A class listserv created to facilitate student discourse in Practice I was found to be a successful ...
  • Odell, Jere D. (Swallow Press, 1998)
  • Stamatoplos, Anthony C., 1958-; Mackoy, Robert (Association of College & Research Libraries, 1998-07)
    Consideration of satisfaction should be an important part of the evaluation of library services. Satisfaction depends, to some extent, on patron expectations of services. This study evaluated changes in student expectations ...
  • Lewis, David W. (American Library Association, 1998-12)
    Libraries are artifact-bound institutions, and as such, will be replaced as the dominant technology for information communication moves from tangible objects to electronic bits on a network. As this transition occurs, it ...
  • Lewis, David W. (Sage Publications, 1999)
    For over a century the catalog has been the core component of most library’s service strategies. As we move from a world based on print documents to one where most information is digital and networked, libraries must ...
  • Hughes, Carol Ann; Soderdahl, Paul; Zimmerman, Karen P. (Australian Library and Information Association, 1999-01)
    The University of Iowa has several projects that are reshaping options for teaching staff and librarians as they work to build new types of academic resources. Two of these are Bailiwick and TWIST. Bailiwick is a Web space ...

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