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    Indiana Libraries (H.W. Wilson Company, 2002)
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    Indiana Libraries (H.W. Wilson Company, 2007)
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    Indiana Libraries (H.W. Wilson Company, 2004)
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    Indiana Libraries (H.W. Wilson Company, 2004)
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    Indiana Libraries (H.W. Wilson Company, 2003)
  • Indiana Libraries (H.W. Wilson Company, 1998)
  • Unknown author (H.W. Wilson Company, 1998)
  • Hull, Beth (H.W. Wilson Company, 2005)
    “You know, our Teen Librarian hosts a READ ‘N’ FEED every year. You up for it?” Those were the words of my manager shortly after I was hired as the new Teen Librarian. READ ‘N’ FEED? What the heck was that? Soon enough, I ...
  • Evans, Karen (H.W. Wilson Company, 2001)
    Almost two years ago, I was a new librarian at Indiana State University. Naively, I asked the head of reference what kind of event the library planned to welcome students when the fall semester started. “None,” she replied, ...
  • Hughes, Carol Ann; Soderdahl, Paul; Zimmerman, Karen P. (Australian Library and Information Association, 1999-01)
    The University of Iowa has several projects that are reshaping options for teaching staff and librarians as they work to build new types of academic resources. Two of these are Bailiwick and TWIST. Bailiwick is a Web space ...
  • Durrant, Summer (2012-11-27)
    In this curriculum activity, students create a photo exhibit of the people, places, and events in their community, similar to the ones created by the Historical Section of the Farm Security Administration.
  • Durrant, Summer (2012-11-27)
    Students try their hand at creative writing by writing a poem, short story, play, film script, or essay about living in Indiana during the Great Depression. Students can examine FSA photographs to better understand what ...
  • Alabi, Jaena; Weare, William H., Jr. (2014)
    In recent years, peer review of teaching (PROT) has become an increasingly important tool for evaluating library instruction. Most PROT programs consist of three components: a pre-observation meeting, the observation of ...
  • Snajdr, Eric (2010-06)
    This case study of a data curation project, which is currently in progress, demonstrates how a team of scientists has worked, in partnership with librarians, to plan to preserve their scientific output in an institutional ...
  • Snajdr, Eric (2013-04-17)
    This poster provides an example of a data preservation project at a public university. It includes examples of types of materials preserved as well as ways in which liaison librarians can become involved in this rapidly ...
  • Coates, Heather L.; Konkiel, Stacy; Witt, Michael (, 2013-04-12)
    The explosion of digital research data has created exciting opportunities for librarians to engage with faculty, staff, and students in their research processes. Advances in computing, sensor technologies, and communications ...
  • Hogan-Vidal, Patricia; Kreps, Dennis (H.W. Wilson Company, 1997)
    We defined the phenomenon of database dependency as the behavior of a library user to immediately select computerized information resources without considering (1) the appropriateness of the electronic gesource to ...
  • Hoskin, Adele (H.W. Wilson Company, 2004)
    Have you ever searched a database, received a set of answers that were OK but felt that more information was available if only you had the key? Many times a word or a phrase will produce interesting information but not ...
  • Coy, Tommy (2011-11-03)
    With the victory of the Americans over the British in the Revolutionary War came a large amount of territory that many of the Founding Fathers knew barely anything about. That territory needed to explored, laid out for ...
  • Lewis, David W. (2004)
    For some time it has been clear that the role of libraries will change in light of developments in networked information. The discussion to date has largely been based on supply-side concerns: the increasing cost of journals ...

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