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    • Indiana; Descriptive Statistics; Age-Specific Death Rate; Cause-Specific Death Rate; Infant Mortality Rate; Homicide; Suicide; Food Inspection; Food Analysis; Infectious Disease; Waste Disposal, Solid; Soft Drink Manufacturing; Beverages; Hygiene Activity; Food Storage; Zinc; American Society for the Control of Cancer; Neoplasms; Rabies Vaccine; Valparaiso (Ind.); Sisson, Perry L.; Child Abuse; School Buildings; School Health Services; Lawrence County; Guthrie Township; Disinfection; Diagnostic Error; Tuberculosis; Lafayette Sanitary Supply Company; Milk; Dairy Cattle and Milk Production; Dairy Products; Tuberculosis, Bovine; Typhus Fever; Hygiene; Hygiene Activity; Hygiene Education; Air Pollution, Indoor; Foodborne Illness; Food Safety Threat; Food Handling; The Palace of Eats; Health Care Cost (1)
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