The Literalines Editorial Board accepts original work of fiction, poetry, black and white photography and line drawings from students at IUPUC and IUPUI. Each anonymous submission is reviewed by at least three members of the student editorial board and is judged solely on the basis of artistic merit.


Literalines is continuted by Talking Leaves.

Recent Submissions

  • Tracy, L. Paul; Mangus, Sharon; Hinton, Natalie; Rilenge, Sandy; Turnbow, Dana; Watkins, Shaun; Whetstine, Brad; Sexton, Debbie; Rain, Isis; Phillips, Jennifer; Mathes, Stephanie; Hargis, Melanie; Willett, Delores; Verbeke, Joshua (IUPUC, 2001)
  • Norris, Amanda; Clark, Alexandra; Green, Steve; Persley, Keith; Garcia, Joe; Whetstine, Brad; Booher, Eileen; Watkins, Shaun; Willhite, Jenn; Kenanas, Walter (IUPUC, 2002)
  • Smith, Lori; Wills, Will; Bunnell, Adam; Phillips, Jennifer; Whetstine, Brad; Schoettmer, Jessica; Kraszeski, Marlene; Garlick, Ben; Clason, Justin (IUPUC, 2003)