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Mission Statement

We believe there is great need and opportunity for professionals trained in state-of-the-art information technology and science with an emphasis on creative human applications. There is an urgent need in our society for graduates with education and experience in informatics, particularly with interdisciplinary skills. The School of Informatics will be foremost in the country to graduate professionals with formal preparation in Information Technology with subject area expertise. To this end, we will:

  • Lead the nation in the development of an innovative and successful new curriculum for Information Technology and its applications.
  • Educate students, including those who might not traditionally consider an educational path in technology, especially women and minorities.
  • Encourage interdisciplinary research projects in the field of Informatics, focusing on distributed systems technology, information theory and information management, human factors and Human Computer Interaction, and study of the social impacts of information technology
  • Serve the state of Indiana by way of education, community participation and collaborative research partnerships, thereby participating in the growth of an IT culture in the State, and encouraging continued economic development
  • Produce graduates who become leaders in the growing information economy of Indiana and the world.
  • Develop synergistic relationships with industry to develop and advance research in Information Technology and its applications.

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