Office of Community Engagement

Office of Community Engagement


The Office of Community Engagement creates a coordinated, strategic approach to professional development and corporate education; neighborhood, school, and family partnerships; volunteerism and service; and a campus wide culture of engagement.

Collections in this community

  • Publications, presentations, curriculum, creative activities, program evaluations, and other forms of scholarship that have been completed by staff within the Office of Community Engagement at IUPUI.

Recent Submissions

  • Norrise, Kristin; Wendling, Lauren; Keyne, Lisa (2017-10-07)
    Most campuses are eager to answer questions like “How are students, faculty, and staff on campus working to address civic issues and public problems?”, “To what extent is our engagement making a difference?”, “How can we ...
  • Norris, Kristin; Weiss, Anne (2017-11-01)
    IUPUI has a history of counting service-learning (2000-2012) and community-based learning courses (2103-2016). The information is used for school- and campus-level reporting (e.g., Chancellor’s Report to the Community, ...
  • Norris, Kristin; Weiss, H. Anne; Wendling, Lauren (2017-01-01)
    The purpose of this report is to provide readers with information about the frequency of community engagement through course-based experiences at IUPUI.
  • Norris, Kristin; Weiss, H. Anne (2015-11-20)
    This interactive presentation is designed for attendees to create an assessment plan for gathering evidence around students civic learning during a particular pedagogical experience- usually community- or experiential-based ...
  • Weiss, H. Anne; Norris, Kristin (2017-08-03)
    Pedagogies of community engagement have been touted as one way faculty or staff can produce or strengthen disciplinary or subject-related learning outcomes or skill development for students in higher education. This has, ...
  • Norris, Kristin; Weiss, H. Anne; Mack, Heather; Medlin, Kristin; Wittman, Amanda (2016-10-23)
    Most campuses are eager to answer the question "How are students, faculty, and staff at my campus working to address wicked or public problems?" In this presentation we explore a range of strategies to track and monitor ...
  • Weiss, H. Anne (AASCU American Democracy Project, 2016-05-07)
    This brief article introduces readers to the unique place of Democracy Plaza on the IUPUI campus and its' role in the national conference: Civic Learning & Democratic Engagement (CLDE).