Volume 23, Number 3 (2004)


Recent Submissions

  • Indiana Libraries (H.W. Wilson Company, 2004)
  • Notes 
    Indiana Libraries (H.W. Wilson Company, 2004)
  • Corya, Marian; Dyer, David (H.W. Wilson Company, 2004)
    What do you do when a patron requests a copy of “I am a Mede and Persian” by Robert Frost and your only copy of his Collected Poems, Prose and Plays is checked out? Turn to LitFINDER! LitFINDER is a database with extensive ...
  • Trace, Howard (H.W. Wilson Company, 2004)
    In January of 2004, INSPIRE, the Indiana Virtual Library, celebrated six years of providing Hoosiers with library catalogs, web links, and thousands of full text magazines, newspapers, reference books, pamphlets, and ...
  • Indiana Libraries (H.W. Wilson Company, 2004)
  • Indiana Libraries (H.W. Wilson Company, 2004)
  • Priddis, Marissa (H.W. Wilson Company, 2004)
  • Rogers, Jean (H.W. Wilson Company, 2004)
    The special ed teacher looked harried. This was her first full year of teaching. She held only a provisional license, and, in addition to teaching and taking care of her family (a husband and two elementary-school ...
  • Indiana Cooperative Library Services Authority (H.W. Wilson Company, 2004)
    INSPIRE is an innovative, high-tech service with 26 databases designed to meet the information needs of all the citizens of Indiana. Through INSPIRE, Indiana residents have access to 10,000 magazines, encyclopedias, almanacs, ...
  • Shaw, Debora; La Barre, Kathryn (H.W. Wilson Company, 2004)
    Jay Conrad Levinson, the marketing guru who created the Marlboro Man, says, “A website is an island. Advertising is a bridge to that island.” Any public institution must choose carefully whether to build one or many bridges ...
  • Cover 
    Indiana Libraries (H.W. Wilson Company, 2004)
  • Indiana Libraries (H.W. Wilson Company, 2004)
  • Hoskin, Adele (H.W. Wilson Company, 2004)
    Have you ever searched a database, received a set of answers that were OK but felt that more information was available if only you had the key? Many times a word or a phrase will produce interesting information but not ...
  • Indiana Cooperative Library Services Authority; Mohundro, Margaret (H.W. Wilson Company, 2004)
    Indiana residents have searched INSPIRE more than 51 million times since INCOLSA began the service in 1998. Beginning in 2005, INSPIRE users will be able to search more effectively and efficiently when the new INSPIRE ...
  • Burek Pierce, Jennifer (H.W. Wilson Company, 2004)
    This special issue acknowledges the role of INSPIRE, also known by its fuller name, INdiana SPectrum of Information REsources, and more simply as Indiana’s Virtual Library on the Internet, in Indiana libraries. This ...