Marquita Walker


Reviewing State and Federal Policies on Reintegration of Displaced Workers

Dr. Walker's research seeks new ways of looking at the state and federal policies associated with the reintegration of workers into the workforce after they have been displaced or separated from their jobs. Currently, there exist hundreds of thousands of workers who are unemployed because their firm or corporation downsized or closed due to effects of globalization and economic downturns. The state and federal polices currently in place to help dislocated workers reintegrate into the workplace are designed to put the worker back to work as soon as possible without regard to the worker's human value, dignity, or wishes. Looking at dislocation from the worker's perspective, Dr. Walker's research will be able to determine the direct and indirect costs of job loss and assess the difficulty the workers had in moving through the current process of reintegration as outlined by current policy. This information will be helpful to policymakers, the business community, labor organizations, and academics interested in maintaining the value and dignity of the worker as well as reintegrating the worker into the workforce in a position most beneficial to the worker and the broader community.

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